Are you a quality installer of FITs systems?

Gain access to over 6,000 people every week who are looking for independent guidance on the FITs

Weekly visits to this website

This Feed-in Tariffs website hosts an average of over 6,000 visits weekly, from people looking for advice on the UK’s FITs scheme. Despite the regulatory uncertainty, this number has increased steadily – peaking at times of official announcements, and dipping in holiday seasons.

Many of these visitors are looking for installations. Our referral service is designed to introduce them to quality suppliers.

We will refer customers to typically three system suppliers from our register. This register will list only companies accredited for the MCS and registered under the REAL code, without a record of frequent complaints.

When choosing which suppliers to refer, we will typically select:

  • The one closest to the customer
  • Another from within 25 miles radius
  • One national supplier

The latter two will be selected in rotation to ensure a fair distribution of referrals to all our registrants.

Fee structure

We charge a modest annual registration fee, plus a fixed fee for each referral. The level of these fees is designed to ensure that this marketing cost amounts to no more than 4.5% of the gross margin you would expect to achieve, as detailed here. It is linked to tariff levels so automatically decreases in line with degression.

Quality assurance

To ensure we are only referring customers to quality installers, we will require all our ‘trusted installers’ to:

  • Provide a limited amount of key information in their quotations to customers. This is similar to the requirements uned MCS and the REAL Code, but presented in a way to allow customers to easily ‘compare like with like’
  • Give details of any customer complaints received and the resolution of those complaints
  • Authorise us to check their history with REAL Assurance