Solar Panels for Councils

Councils are now using solar energy to lower their carbon footprint as well as their bills, and solar install can help others do the same. We will assist throughout the whole process and this includes visiting the site for the initial plan review, explaining the process through presentations, advising of the best system design, quotations, advising about grant funding, installation process and user training and maintenance.

We will provide the client with as much information as they need to avoid any confusion over the process, and we can also advise of grants available when switching to solar renewable energy. The funding applies across the UK, whether you’re interested in solar panels Bath, solar panels Watford or solar panels Huddersfield.

There are two basic types of solar system and these are solar electric systems – which will generate electricity and solar hot water systems – to generate hot water. Both these type of solar systems will fit into most buildings and can be installed with little disruption, so any services provided by the building will carry on as usual whilst the project is being completed.

We will recommend which solar energy system will work best for your building based on the assessment we will complete when we first visit the site, if your building has a high electricity consumption level then we will advise that you will benefit from a solar electric system, and a building which uses a lot of hot water would benefit most from a solar hot water system being installed.

The solar hot water systems we install work by using the suns energy to pump water around the solar panels which are fit on the roof of the building, this water is then heated and harnessed by the panel. Once this is complete the hot water then flows into the building and warms the water kept in your storage units. The solar hot water system is perfect for councils and can be easily incorporated into large buildings, swimming pools, care homes and council properties.

The solar electric systems work in a similar way, they are easily integrated into the electrical system already in place in the building, and work by providing electricity directly into the distribution system. These systems are made up of panels which are mounted into the roof and are controlled by switches with will be located inside the building. These panels capture the suns energy and this is the channeled into the main ring and powers and appliances that are used in the building.

If the building is open to the public, the users will be able to view the resources and become familiarised with renewable energy resources, this can be done by fitting a visual display in the main lobby of the building, which will allow for more interaction – this is perfect for community and day care centers due to their high demand for daytime electrical use and low demand for hot water.