Solar Hot Water

Residential – Solar Hot Water heating Systems

Installing a solar hot water system will be very beneficial in either the home or the workplace; they are practical devices and simple technology that is effective and low in cost. These systems are a good place to start when you are considering affordable solar energy for homes and buildings, as these provide the most energy possible for the least amount of money needed to be invested.

Solar hot water systems work when the sun is out, water gets pumped throughout the solar panel which is warmed by the suns energy which is captured by the panel when the sun is out. The water which it heated will the pass through a heat exchanger and will then warm the water that is stored in your hot water cylinder, and your boiler will act as a back up heating if it is required.

In the summer when temperatures are warmer than usual the water in the cylinder will reach a temperatures of 80 degrees in only half a day, and the cylinder is well insulated so this will keep the water warm for the next day.

A solar hot water system is expected to reduce a domestic hot water bill by 50%, and if it is used efficiently it may reduce up to 70% of your bill, most of our clients have found they have their boiler turned off for six months of the year.

There are many choices available to you when it comes to choosing a renewable energy system, all of the systems will be beneficial and will lower CO2 emissions, they are all easy to install and main, and can be easily integrated with any other heating systems which may already be in place in the building.

Solar Install offer solar panel installation across the country, including solar panels Southampton, solar panels Bolton and solar panels Gloucester. The installation process is easy, but there are factors that will determine the performance of the system that need to be considered before the installation begins, these are location, weather, shade and tilt of the panels, also planning permission made me required.

Solar install currently fits systems onto about five houses each week, and our large range of systems available means we will always find one suitable for each property. To find out if your house is suitable contact us and we would be happy to visit you and complete a site inspection.

For more information about solar water heating, solar hot water or solar water systems contact our trained team today.