Changes to the FITs scheme after its launch

The design of the Feed-In Tariffs has been changed on several occasions to reflect evolving government priorities

The process has been set up to have periodic reviews, the first had been scheduled for 2012 (to become effective from April 2013).

The first review of the scheme was brought forward by the government in a statement on 7th February 2011 – see here. This was a surprise after the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review said this wasn’t planned and the Coalition government elected in 2010 seemed to support the FITs scheme.

First Review

In practice the so-called ‘first review’ comprised four reviews, and one additional rule change as follows:

Fast-track Review

This comprised mainly:

  • A reduction of tariffs for larger solar PV systems, effective from August 2011
  • A tariff increase for AD systems, effective from September 2011

These were followed by a rule change to the way in which system extensions are treated.

Comprehensive Review Phase 1

  • A reduction to the other PV tariffs effective from March 2012

Comprehensive Review Phase 2A

  • A tariff control mechanism to manage future tariff reductions for solar PV systems

Comprehensive Review Phase 2B

2015 reviews

Substantially more drastic changes were proposed in the reviews announced in July and August 2015.