The end of the FiTs as we knew them

The changes in early 2016 mean that the residual mechanism is no longer a true Feed-in Tariff

Under a true feed-in tariff, project developers can be sure in advance about the price they will receive for the output of a renewable power station.

The deployment caps and accelerated degression incorporated in the 2015 revisions mean that this certainty no longer exists. For a fuller assessment, read this blog by our founder.

This website is infrequently updated

We continue to update the tariffs table periodically. Otherwise because of these changes, and the inevitable impact of the caps in slashing deployment under the tariffs, this website does not reflect any changes after February 2016 (and in some respects even before then).

It still gives a very good assessment of the development of the FiTs and is widely used.

If you want to acquire and maintain the website

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