How is electricity generated by you measured?

Tariff payments are made for the kWh produced and exported, so this needs to be measured

How is the electricity measured?

Meters will be needed to measure each of the three energy flows (generation, import and export).

  • You already have an import meter because that’s the one your electricity bills are based on. Some of these can also measure the exports back to the grid.
  • A generation meter is included as part of any eligible renewable system you install.

However the whole country is changing over to ‘Smart Meters’ in the next few years, and they will be able to cope with all this.

The meters need to conform to particular requirements, which are detailed in Section 7 of the administrator’s guidance document (linked from this page).

Interim approach to exports

To prevent the need for installing an additional export meter before Smart Meters are introduced, it will be possible to ‘deem’ the level of exports as 50% of the total generation of the system.

Generators who believe their exports are substantially higher than this will be allowed to install suitable export meters and be paid on the metered level of exports.

Reading the meters

The requirement for providing these readings will vary for different suppliers.

Once Smart Meters are introduced the meters can be read remotely and some companies already offer this service.

Otherwise your supply company may arrange for the meter reading or they may ask energy users to provide the readings.