Feed in Tariff Rate

What Is a Feed in Tariff Rate for Solar PV Systems?

Ever since the government instituted the Feed in Tariff to help consumers generate clean, renewable energy, there has been some amount of confusion as to what exactly a Feed in Tariff is. It is not uncommon to hear the question, “What is a Feed in Tariff?” which is why it is so important to be careful of who is giving the answer! Before trying to provide a basic understanding of the Feed in Tariff, it is important to understand one main fact. Only Microgeneration Certification Scheme accredited solar installers are qualified to install MCS certified systems AND only MCS certified systems qualify for the Feed in Tariff scheme. The bottom line is this; unless you ask “What are Feed in Tariffs?” to a government entity such as Ofgem or the Energy Saving Trust (EST) then you should only trust an answer from an MCS accredited solar installer.

What Is a Feed in Tariff for Solar PV Panel Systems?

The first Feed in Tariff to be rolled out was instituted in April of 2010. This was the Feed in Tariff for renewable energy such as that generated from solar PV panels. The rates established for a home with a system <4kW are as follows:

• 41.3p per kWh generated (even if you use it yourself) for systems on existing buildings
• 36.1p per kWh generated on new build homes
• 3p per kWh excess electricity generated and exported to the national grid
• Additional reduction in cost of any electricity bought from suppliers

In a nutshell, that is the easiest answer to “What is feed in tariff.” Most people understand that a Feed in Tariff is what they are paid for generating electricity; they just want the bottom line on how much they will be paid.

Understanding the Renewable Heat Incentive Solar Thermal ‘Feed in Tariff’

The newest segment of the Feed in Tariff scheme is set to roll out in April of 2012. For any ground or air source MCS certified solar thermal systems installed after April 2011 the government has established a Feed in Tariff to help offset the cost of those systems. At this time it is projected that the tariff will be £850 per year on air source heat pumps and £1250 for ground source solar thermal heat pumps. Government is offering these incentives to help offset the cost in order to reduce carbon emissions and our dependence on foreign oil.

If you are considering either a solar PV system to provide cheaper, cleaner electricity or a solar thermal system to provide cheaper heat that is less dependent on electricity to run, you can feel confident when speaking with FI Tariffs as we are fully accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and only install MCS certified equipment. As such, we can offer you the appropriate guarantees and manufacturer warranties. In order to speak with an MCS certified installer at your home to get an assessment of your needs and a price quote, you can either fill out the short contact form online or call us on the number above. A representative will schedule a no obligation visit at your home to answer any questions you may have.

For more information, read our brief explanation of the Feed in Tariff rates and our breakdown of the benefits of the Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff Scheme. You can also find current rates on the Feed in Tariff table.