Installation dates

Systems installed before the tariffs launched may still be eligible, depending on their installation date

The Feed-In Tariffs launched in April 2010 and every renewable energy system installed after that date is eligible for tariffs. For older systems, installed before then, the eligibility is determined by the date of installation.

The Government has ruled that all qualifying systems installed after 15th July 2009 will be eligible for tariffs.

Systems installed before 15th July 2009

Under the present rules, these are eligible only if they were registered for the Renewables Obligation (or become so registered by 31st March 2010).

They receive the tariffs only at a basic rate of 9p per kWh.

The Government has also confirmed that, despite pre-election promises, installations completed before July 15th will not be allowed to claim full Feed-In Tariffs rates. This was announced in Parliament on September 16th.

Systems installed between 15th July 2009 and 1st April 2010

Systems installed from 15th July 2009 (and those registered under the RO as described above), can join the Feed-In Tariffs scheme, but will only get paid for any generation on or after 1st April 2010.

Systems installed from April 2010 onwards

All systems installed now will receive Feed-In Tariffs from their date of registration and for the length of time described in our page on durations and variations.