Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels have so my benefits, ranging from financial to environmental. However, a malfunctioning solar panel has the possibility to refute all the good work that the solar panels are doing for your house. It has to be said, it is very rare that a solar panel will ever break, they require minimal upkeep or maintenance but it isn’t impossible.

Why do they malfunction?

On the rare occasion that solar panels do malfunction, it’s can be caused by mechanical, environment and chemical factors. Sometimes micro cracks can occur because of stress caused by hail, snow, frost or wind. There’s no need to worry though, solar panels that break are definitely the exception, solar panels are manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions that the UK likes to treat us with. In fact, the majority are guaranteed to withstand golf-ball sized hail stones slashing down on them.

Obviously there are also unavoidable misfortunes such as trees falling down, rocks being thrown or even things like baseballs hitting the panels. Accidents happen, but it’s nice to know that you can get them fixed.

Solar Panel Repairs

It’s incredibly unlikely that solar panels will break and so repairs aren’t something you will ever really have to worry about. It is much more likely that an inverter or battery will need to be repaired or replaced overtime. You should only ever allow a qualified electrician, with solar experience to ever repair or replace any of your solar items.

Useful advice: do not attempt to fix any problems yourself as this could annul your warranty agreement – which all trusted installers will give you.  It could also be incredibly dangerous and make the issue worse.

What is the cost of solar repairs?

As stated, the cost of maintaining solar panels is basically non-existent; you’ll basically just receive payments from them. However, accidents may occur and repairs should be carried out by the company who installed the panels. This is why it is so important to make sure you install your solar panels with a trusted installer. Cost will vary but if the warranty remains and the fault fits in the terms and conditions, the cost could be nothing.

Should you be worried?

No not at all, sometimes things break – phones, TVS, windows, shoes and it’s something that you just have to deal with, even if it is annoying. The UK weather, although it might seem absolutely terrible, is nothing to worry about either. Even in cloudy conditions your solar panels will still work and provide you with energy. You can sleep well knowing that, even when extreme weather hits the UK your panels will be completely fine.

Maintenance checks

You can check your solar panel system yourself occasionally. For example, make sure that your inverter is working well and isn’t being subject to any damp conditions. The display on your inverter will be the best indicator to make sure that your system is working to its full potential.

If you are in doubt it is always worth calling the professionals down. Make sure to never make your way on top of your roof without absolute safety measures being taken first either.