What has been registered for FITs?

We used to monitor the numbers, sizes and types of installation registered for Feed-In Tariffs

We analysed the FITs registrations up to the end of 2015.

We have ceased updating the statistics in this section, because the frequent changes to the Feed-in Tariff mechanism have made it too time-consuming and the introduction of caps make (the maximum level of) deployment rather predictable.

Overall figures

The recent figures from the register as at the end of 2015 are summarised in this table.

Overall Feed-in Tariff statistics from 1st April 2010 to 17th December 2015

Domestic Non-domestic Total
Technology Qty MW Qty MW Qty MW
AD biogas 1 0.004 224 158.638 225 158.643
Hydro 303 4.243 365 85.142 668 89.385
Solar PV 674,144 2,330.298 22,130 980.815 696,274 3,311.113
Wind 3,947 42.434 2,392 418.452 6,339 460.886
Micro-CHP 491 0.504 11 0.014 502 0.518
Totals 678,886 2,377.483 25,122 1,643.062 704,008 4,020.545
Source/Copyright Analysis by Feed-in Tariffs Ltd from data on Ofgem’s FIT register

It is important to remember that this analysis is based on the date the installations are registered, not when they are installed.

More detailed analysis

We also analysed these figures in more detail by:

  • The energy technology used
  • The month when registered (to end 2012 only)
  • The region of installation (to end 2012 only)
  • The type of user (the register has four categories, but we mostly use only domestic and non-domestic)
  • Historical estimates of annual spend on tariff payments

See the menu on the left for these analyses.

Source of data

The data is collected by the scheme administrator, Ofgem, who also provide annual and quarterly reports on the progress of the FITs scheme.

The data in this section comes from Ofgem’s online reporting function to interrogate the register of accredited installations.