Energy type

Registrations under the FITs analysed by the energy technology used

The figures for the number of installations and capacity installed under the Feed-In Tariffs are given here.

Breakdown by technology

Analysis of installed capacity by system type for domestic, non-domestic and all installationsThis chart shows the relative capacity of each energy technology.

Equivalent figures based on the number of installations is shown below.

Analysis of number of installations by system type for domestic, non-domestic and all installations

Average installation sizes

Average system sizes by technologyThe average size in kilowatts of systems registered for tariffs is shown here for each technology.

The pages for each technology (see below) also analyse how much capacity is installed in each tariff size band.

Hydro and AD installations can be much bigger than the others, so they go off the scale, but the numbers are shown.

Statistics for each technology

Are given on separate pages. See the menu on the left or:

We haven’t anaylsed micro-CHP, because it is such a small part of the FITs programme (and it’s not renewable).