Analysis by user

FITs registration statistics for different classes of system user

The FIT register requires each installation to be registered against one of these user types:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Community

It’s not clear how rigorous these classifications are – what, for example, is the difference between commercial and industrial? – so in most of our analysis we have grouped together the last three as ‘non-domestic’.

However this page looks at all four categories.

Analysis by energy source

Analysis of installed capacity of each energy source by user type

This graph allocates the capacity of each energy technology by user type.

It shows that all of the AD capacity has been registered by industrial users. Unsurprisingly almost all of the micro-CHP (which is limited to 2kW), is for domestic users.

An interesting factor is the small but growing contribution of community renewables.

Average system size by user class

The average installation capacities of each energy source by user classThe national average system sizes are shown here, but there are substantial variations between different user types, as illustrated in this grap