Solar Energy for Schools


When a school switches to solar power it not only saves energy and money, but also it is also a valuable teaching aid to the children, especially in these current climates where non-renewable sources of energy are depleting.

Many schools, colleges and universities are now switching to energy renewable sources and we have fit many solar energy systems into schools over the past few years, and also assisted them in gaining access to funding to complete their project, sometimes this has resulted in the project being 100% funded.

Schools consume a large amount of energy due to the amount of appliances they use – lights, computers and phones all add to the energy used and this can be cut through solar systems. Solar Install provide solar panels up and down the country, including solar panels in Oxford, solar panels Hull and solar panels Bradford.

There are two types of systems that could benefit schools, these being solar electric systems and solar hot water systems, if put in place both would save a lot of energy and money for schools.

A solar electric system would be extremely efficient in a school, as the majority of schools have high electricity usage and large roofs on which to mount systems. Solar hot water also works well where there is a high demand for hot water or a swimming pool.

The way the electrical systems work is by mounting panels on a roof, these panels are then controlled by switches installed inside the building, these panels then produce electricity on a sunny day and this electricity then flows into the main ring providing electricity to any appliances that are being used in the school. This process means less energy is bought from the national grid, which saves money for the school. When the solar electric system is not producing energy the school can still draw electricity from the national grid.

A solar hot water system may not be needed in all schools; they perform best when there is a high demand for hot water within the building they are going to be installed into. If a school has a swimming pool it is an ideal candidate for a solar hot water system as they will be very high users of energy and installing a system will result in huge savings and high reductions in C02 emissions.

Fitting solar renewable energy into a school will also have educational benefits as our systems have a visual display linked to them that explains the process of solar energy. In recent years we have been made increasingly aware of the effects of greenhouse gases and schools are now getting involved by launching energy awareness campaigns and educating children on the importance of solar renewable energy.