Choose your renewable

There are four different renewable energy generation technologies eligible for the Feed-in Tariffs

Amongst the many renewable energy sources, four are eligible for the Feed-in Tariffs:

Solar photovoltaics     ♦ Wind power     ♦ Hydro-power     ♦ Anaerobic digestion

These are described in this section of the website.

Micro-CHP is also eligible under the tariffs, but that is not renewable energy, because it is powered by gas.

Factors to consider when selecting a renewable energy technology

Their suitability of each possible technology for your particular property will depend on the following factors, amongst others:

Roof space

Both solar electric and solar heating systems are typically mounted on the roof so need a suitable, unshaded area. The ideal roof has a 30 to 60 degree slope facing roughly southwards but any roof between East and West may be suitable..

Wind speeds

Wind power is widely used for large scale renewable energy production as you are no doubt aware. Smaller wind turbines are also available for local use. However, be advised that these do need adequate wind energy – typically an average speed of at least 5 metres per second. This usually means an exposed rural location and urban properties are rarely suitable.

Streams and rivers

A flow of water is needed for hydro-power, of course, so this only suits properties by streams or rivers.

Biodigestible feedstock

Anaerobic digestion is only likely to be suitable for farms, recycling or food-processing plants, because it needs a continuous source of feedstock.