Residential – Customer Feedback

“We had solar panels fitted to our house and couldn’t be more pleased.  Solar Install did a great job, everything was done quickly and they kept us updated all they way through the process. We’ve noticed a reduction in our hot water and electricity bills, so it has worked out to be a wise investment.”

J. Stelton, Warwick

“I got in touch with Solar Install when I wanted solar panels fitted to my home. The system has worked out really well for me, during the summer, there’s no need for me to have my boiler on at all and during the winter it’s simple to use my boiler again or draw from the national grid for electricity if I need to.  The staff of Solar Install, were very friendly and provided me with a lot of help and advice. I’ve even recommended them to my daughter’s school.”

B. Harvey, London

“We recently had a high-efficiency boiler fitted by Solar Install.  We’re looking forward to the huge savings we expect to make, as the staff informed us that our new boiler was grade A, which are the most energy efficient, and we could save up to £250 a year on our gas bills.  It didn’t take long to fit and we were pleased to learn the boiler can be used along with out radiators.”

K. Patel

“I had a boiler fitted, service was fast and efficient, the staff were friendly and very professional and I felt comfortable leaving them to get on with the job. 10/10.”

P. Day

“I wish to express my thanks to your engineers for the very professional way in which they carried out their work, they were very cheerful, caring and clean efficient workers. Our home was respected you would not know they had been, a credit to the industry.”

K Griffin