Sofar Battery Installer

To enhance the productivity of your solar system, you can add a battery. This can be done on the day you install your solar panels initially or at a later date when you decide you want to upgrade your system. The Sofar battery is a state-of-the-art battery that could be just the battery you are looking for your system.

What are they?

Batteries allow you to store the energy you generate in the daytime when the sun is at its most powerful so that you can use it in the evening – even when the sun has gone down. The typical and most common day basically consists of a 9-5 job. This means waking up quite early, sometimes before the sun has even said hello, spending the majority of the day at work and coming home when the sun is ready to say goodbye. Say what you want about your work day, this has also caused quite a few problems for solar. A great way around it is to set timers which allow you to do all your laundry and dishwashing when you’re out the house. However, the best way to beat the 9-5 schedule with solar is to purchase a battery. This way you can make the most out of your solar panels when your energy production is at its highest but the usage is probably at its lowest.

Why should you go with Sofar?

Sofar is one of the big names in the solar industry, specialising in high-quality solar products for domestic users. With such an important purchase like solar, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice and Sofar will definitely give you peace of mind.

Sofar Solar is a leading solar manufacturer that has created AC side battery storage. There are many benefits to using AC battery storage but the most notable is that it will be compatible with existing grid-tied PV inverters, there’s no need to upgrade distribution system and it isn’t required to disconnect the electrical grid at all. The Sofar battery is simple and reliable and straightforwardly exchanges the energy via the electrical grid.

The benefits of a battery

There are clearly a lot of benefits to adding a battery system, mainly regarding productivity and you, the user, making the most out of your system. Solar is synonymous with modern, efficient and high-tech and batteries do not disappoint.

Benefits that come with a battery revolve around freedom. The freedom to use your solar system in the best way for your house, family or business, the freedom of producing your energy and the freedom with online monitoring is all available with batteries. With Sofar, the transition to solar is completely effortless and has so many possibilities to change your lifestyle