Air Source Heat Pumps Supplier

Air source heat pumps transform the energy created by the outside air into heat, providing a comfortable temperature inside the home and reducing heating costs by an average of 50% compared to traditional systems.

The pumps are extremely efficient as they provide hygienic air inside the home, whilst capturing heat energy from lighting, people and domestic appliances, and recycling it.

Air to air systems provide warm air, such as exhaust heat pumps and air to water systems heat water to provide heating to a building through radiators or an under-floor system.

Exhaust air heat pumps extract air from the surrounding atmosphere via a ductwork connected to the warm areas of the property i.e. bathrooms, utility rooms or kitchens. The heat extracted from the air is transferred internally into the heat pump before being dispersed to the outside. The vapour compression cycle of the heat pump then increases the temperature of the refrigerant and transfers the heat into a water based system that can either warm the domestic hot water or heat the building.

Typical systems produce 3-4 units of heat in comparison to the 1 unit used for electricity, demonstrating that it is an extremely effective way of heating a property or commercial building.

The effectiveness of an exhaust source heat pump system, in most circumstances will cover the heating requirements of a well-insulated property in most weather conditions. When used in along with its integral immersion heater both heating and hot water requirements should be met.

It is important to consider the following issues if you’re planning to install an air source heat pump.

  • An exhaust source heat pump is only effective if the right insulation is in place
  • It is essential to consider the state of the wall, floor and loft insulation, if this is not of a high specification, full insulation is advisable at the time of install of which further grants are available
  • If you use oil or electricity to heat your property the savings are more substantial compared to gas
  • Is it a new building project? Integrating our renewable energy systems whilst the build is in process will reduce costs.

If exhaust source heat pumps do not offer the most efficient method for heating your property then one of our other renewable energy systems may i.e. Solar, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Where can it be used?

The pumps are perfect for use where it is not possible to drill a borehole or lay surface absorbers for a ground source heat pump.

They are typically used to supplement more traditional heating systems, and normally deliver up to 80% of the space heating and hot water requirements for a building, while the traditional system delivers the balance on the coldest days or during peak demand.

They can be used in conjunction with under-floor heating systems and radiators. An additional back-up heating system will be needed.


Air Source Heat Pumps can be installed in any building, whether it’s in a new build or integrated into an existing building with a traditional heating system.

It is very important to consider the proximity of the pump to the building. Ideally, it should be as close as possible, in order to prevent heat loss..