Heat your water for free with the Bunsen Air

All over the world scientists, ecologists and engineers are working to improve sustainable energy in an attempt to wean us all off the diminishing fossil fuels that are having a cataclysmic effect on our precious planet earth.

Solar energy has existed for an extensive period of time – by the 1960’s solar panels were commercially available, and since then solar energy has developed to such an impressive degree and the Bunsen Air is complete proof of this. It’s a symbol of just how far research has pushed solar to progress and become technology that a property can really rely on and benefit tremendously from.

Previously, technology like this was never suited to the temperamental UK climate especially considering in the winter season the sky is dark for longer than it is light. The invention of battery storage meant that houses could keep the solar energy they generated and use it when they needed it, no matter the time of day. Similarly, the Bunsen Air will impressively generate all 100% of your hot water needs, day or night, sun or snow.

How does it work?

The Bunsen Air transforms your existing cylinder into a solar store, by simply attaching to the current pipes. Two Bunsen panels, which have a dual exhaust and a dual panel system, are mounted externally. These superior panels significantly outperform other panels which ultimately means that they run faster and cost less to heat the water.

A refrigerant with a boiling point of just -26

°C flows out around the panels, heating up despite the fact that Britain likes to treat us with freezing weather on a regular basis. The refrigerant changes to a gas, heating up and returns back to the controller where it is compressed back into the heat. And although this is highly simplifying a genius scientific process, the result of this is basically that the heat gets transferred to your hot water cylinder and provides you with all your hot water needs.

And you don’t have to do anything, the system is completely automatic and switches itself on when it detects a drop of temperature in your cylinder. However, if you like to be in control or have very specific needs then there are advanced features which allow you to create timers. The Bunsen Air can be a low maintenance system that you pay no thought to or one that you can personalise and be in complete control of.

Protecting planet Earth

You can sink into your lovely warm bath and completely relax knowing that the hot water you’re submerged in has been kind to our damaged planet. The Bunsen Air does not produce greenhouse gases, air or water pollution and replaces the use of other energy uses, like fossil fuels, which have detrimental effects on the environment.

Friendly to your bank

Nobody doubts that you don’t dip into renewable energy because it’s the eco-friendly thing to do, but financial benefits understandably play a big part in your decision. So it might come to a surprise that the average home spends over £450 a year on heating their water alone.

Energy Saving Trust also announced that 35% of dual fuel bills go towards heating hot water. This is an immense cost when you reflect on the fact that it is just one element in your bills. When putting this into consideration, cutting your hot water and central heating bills could have an immense impact.

If the Bunsen Air is on for 2 hours and 15 minutes in one day to heat a 200l cylinder to 55°C, that would cost just 13p. Consequently, your bills could be as little as £45 a year, imagine how much you could save with a solar system that generates your electricity and the Bunsen Air that’s giving your all your hot water requirements?

Renewable energy has progressed in such an incredible way in the modern age, and it can only get better. The very fact that the UK, even with its absolutely awful weather, can own a house that can be powered almost entirely by solar energy is amazing news for Earth and our bank balances.