Why are Solar Batteries needed?

For generations, unsightly power plants have dominated the production of electricity…and the result? Disastrous. Air pollution, water pollution, wildlife destruction and climate change are issues that have (rightly) become synonymous with fossil fuel powered energy. Nonetheless, optimism in the form of renewable energy has given us all hope that our planet can be saved.

Why are batteries needed?

For obvious reasons, renewable energy is superior to non-renewable energy in many ways, but even strong advocates of solar energy need to recognise that, as exasperating as it may be, advancements in solar are necessary for us to entirely end our dependence on diminishing fossil fuels.

“What happens when the sun goes down?” is a truly tiresome question that attempts to disregard any conversation about solar and clean energy, and although it justifies an eye-roll the question is still a valid one. Well, now you can give the sceptics an effective answer – batteries. Innovators in the battery storage world, SolaX and Sofar offer state-of-the-art battery solutions which will allow you to store the energy you generate in the daytime when the sun is shining, so you can use it in the evening when energy production is minimal or inexistent. These batteries give you the freedom to make use of the energy you create during the day when your energy production is at its highest, but most likely the usage is at the lowest.

Innovation and consideration are at the heart of batteries, giving anybody who has a solar system peace of mind from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep at night. As well as giving us all a useable answer to any who are sceptical about using solar. The sun indulges us in energy every single day and now we can all keep it in our house for when we actually need it. An ingenious solution to one of the main arguments against solar energy as a consistent energy supplier, setting PV as an advanced technology.

Freedom with solar

And for those of you that already have solar, you’ll be enjoying the enriched independence that comes with producing your own energy, knowing that it isn’t damaging the planet. But the freedom that comes hand in hand with a battery will revolutionise your system. And the big names in the solar industry, like SolaX and Sofar, make it as easy as possible to make the switch from fossil fuels to solar.

Technology meets technology

And with the added benefit of an online system monitoring, you quite literally have the control of your energy in your hands. Already, solar has always been tantamount with high-tech, modern, efficient, technology-driven concepts but batteries really take it to new, exciting levels. Knowing that every single household has a different set of requirements, storage gives any family, businesses or individual the chance to easily adapt to clean energy, it’s this kind of thoughtfulness that means solar is unparalleled. Batteries give you more than just clean, reliable energy but freedom in the form of stored energy, apps and online monitoring, it’s really no surprise that this technology is intertwined with plans for the future.

Since renewable energy was introduced domestically, there’s been an extensive amount of research dedicated to making sure that individual household’s unique demands for power can be met. In the past, it was a precarious task to try and make sure that the lights would stay on at night whilst energy was wasted in the daytime, but batteries have eliminated this problem. With help from the likes of SolaX, the transition towards renewable energy sources has become an effortless reality for everybody, evolving into something electrifying and promising for the world.