Finding a suitable installer

There are thousands of installers nationwide qualified to supply systems under the Feed-In Tariffs. We would have liked to help you find the best ones in your area.

We tested a free service to help customers find experienced short-list suppliers with a good record with the REAL Code of Conduct.

Regrettably there has been insufficient demand to justify establishing this independent service.

Other ways of finding suitable suppliers

Another way to find suitable providers is to search the members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and Renewable Energy Consumer Code websites (FITs installers have to be registered for both schemes).

Both websites (linked above) have lists of accredited installers, which you can search selectively by technology (e.g. solar PV for a solar electric system) and by postcode or region.

The MCS website also shows the installers’ accreditation date, so if you prefer more experienced companies, you can find those who were involved from 2010 when the FITs scheme started.