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Welcome to Feed-In Tariffs

Everything you need to know about the Feed-In Tariffs

(FITs): how it works, what systems are eligible, what changes are being contemplated and a whole lot more… You want to reduce your
carbon footprint and your energy bills, become more self-sufficient in energy, and earn some extra income. The Feed-In Tariffs are a new
Government-backed measure to make it worth your while to produce renewable electricity.

Money from generating your own energy

How The Tariffs Make You Money

There are three separate ways that the Tariffs help you make money from generating your own energy:

  • The Generation

    You earn a fixed income for every kilowatt hour of
    electricity you generate whether you use yourself in your property or export it to the grid.

  • The Export

    You earn an additional fixed income for every kilowatt hour of electricity you sell back to the grid.

  • The bit you still buy from your
    electricity supplier

    When you can’t generate enough electricity for your needs (if the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine) you still buy electricity from your utility company at the normal rates but it’ll be much less electricity than you currently buy.

Information Source

The Definitive Information Source On The Feed-In Tariffs

This website tells you everything you need to know. If you want to know more about the
Feed-In Tariffs see our Quick Guide or look at the sections on the regulations, eligibility
requirements, tariff levels or the detailed pages listed at the bottom.

Need help? Do you know which renewable energy technology would work best for you? Can we help you find trusted suppliers in your area?

We also have a statistics section which shows the uptake of the Feed-In Tariff system.

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    Feed-In Tariffs Media

    Latest The Tariff News

    Not True ‘Feed-In Tariffs’

    8th February 2016:

    The ‘moratorium’ ends and the Feed-in Tariffs are open for business again. Read about the implications here and a retrospective blog here.

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    A Quick Example On The Fits

    If a household installed a 2.5kW solar
    system, the Feed-In Tariffs would provide
    the following benefits:

    In a typical location in South central England this system should generate about 2,125kWh each year, earning a
    generation tariff of about £330 a year[1], tax-free; plus

    If, say 1,500kWh is used in the home this would save a further £210 per annum if electricity costs are 14p/kWh; plus

    The remaining 625kWh would be exported, earning about £30 under the export tariff.

    Therefore the total benefit would be around £570 to £590[2] per year.

    [1] Nov 2012 to Jan 2013 installations at higher rate
    [2] Because most houses without export meters receive the export tariff for 50%
    of the generation – about £50.