How can I claim FITs?

Want to take advantage of the Feed-In Tariffs? Here’s how…

If you are thinking of getting a new renewable energy system

Brilliant idea! The Feed-In Tariffs are almost too good to be true, giving everyone the chance to make their own energy, save money and help to make a difference to the environment.

As you can see, you have several options of renewable energy technology. There is also a bewildering number of potential suppliers. If you would like help finding the best for you, we might be able to help – see here.

If the system is sub 50kW, this means that the installer must be MCS certified and the products they use must also be MCS certified as well. All MCS installers also have to be registered with the REAL Code. REAL publishes a useful register of members which you can sort by technology (i.e. what sort of equipment you want) and region (though many claim to be active all over the country). A list of MCS-certified installers can also be found on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme website.

If you already have a qualifying renewable energy system

Does it meet the date criteria?

If you have a renewable energy system already installed, its qualification in the new Feed-In Tariffs scheme is dependent on the date of installation. If the system was installed before July 15th, 2009 it is only eligible for the new Feed-In Tariffs if it was registered for the Renewables Obligation (RO) before March 31st, 2010. Any system installed before this date that has not been registered is, unfortunately, not eligible for the new scheme.

Those systems that were registered under the RO and those installed between July 15th, 2009 and March 31st, 2010 are eligible for Feed-In Tariffs, but will only be paid for energy generated after April 1st, 2010 (the date the Feed-In Tariffs were officially launched). Read more about installation dates

If your system complies:

As long as your system meets the above criteria, then all you need to do is get it registered.