What is a Solar iBoost

Since solar became popular, there’s been advancement after advancement with solar technology, all of which have not only improved the system installed but changed our lifestyles. Over the years, the improvements with solar have meant that our dependence on damaging and fading fossil fuels has become less and less, but advancements have been necessary and will remain necessary for us to all really rely on renewable energy. The solar iBoost is another example of ingenious technology that just proves all renewable energy disbelievers wrong, sorry.

What is an iBoost?

So, what a solar panel system really gives you is electricity – which is great. You completely slash your energy bills in half, help the planet and have more freedom. Then, batteries help store this energy for you to use at a more convenient time, giving us the potential to utilise our solar energy more efficiently. The iBoost is a completely different type of technology which helps you with your hot water. By using any surplus energy generated by your solar panels, the iBoost will heat the water in your existing household water tank, saving you money, making the most out of your solar panel system and decreasing the need we have for non-renewable energy even further.

Will my house benefit from an iBoost?

If you have any surplus energy each day then yes, of course it would. If your household generates a surplus of about 2Kw for example, it will take less than 3 hours to heat a 100ltr tank from 20°C to 60°C.

Although all houses are different, the financial benefits can be enormous. A saving of approximately 50p per day is possible which will add up to quite the sum after a couple years. The average household spends about £450 a year just on heating their water, making it the second largest energy expense in your home… but the iBoost gives you hot water for free.

Why should I get one?

Unlike with other energy costs, your hot water bills can’t just be eliminated with a few lifestyle changes. Of course, cutting down and monitoring how you use hot water would be beneficial with or without the iBoost but with showers, baths, washing up, washing machines and dishwashers it almost seems unavoidable. The iBoost basically takes a little pressure from you, let’s you still relax in a nice warm bath, have a power shower every morning and get through your pile of laundry on a Sunday with a clear conscience and a smaller utility bill.

Will it affect my feed-in tariff payments?

No, not at all. If you have a deemed usage contract then you will simply be paid for the export value, irrespective of if you actually consume the energy or not.

If you have an export meter fitted then there may be some affect with your payments. That being said, the savings you can make with the iBoost can easily be greater than any payments you may receive, especially if you consider the immense total we all spend on heating our water every year.

How is it installed?

It is a quick and easy install that will be wired between your existing fused spur and the immersion heater – it’s a spotless, speedy, safe install that has the possibility to change your house. It basically wirelessly receives any information from a sender device which activates the iBoost, meaning you don’t have to do anything at all. It works with any normal immersion heater, there’s no need for expensive wiring or any kind of manual inputs – it’s a stress free, low maintenance system, perfect for busy houses that just want to come home to free hot water.

How will I know it’s working for my house?

There’s no reason why a solar iBoost wouldn’t work for your house, and any trusted solar panel installer will tell you if it is right for you. Nevertheless, the solar iBoost can work harmonically with your Economy 7 or 1 utility tariffs with thanks to programmable timers – which also allow you to adjust the iBoost in whatever ways work best for you.

There’s also a digital display that will inform you of how much energy you have saved. If you’re still unsure then an electrician or installer will definitely be able to help you.

If you’re looking for free hot water that coincides with your existing solar panel system then the solar iBoost is what you’re looking