Energy saving

The more you save on energy use, the more you’ll get paid for exporting back to the grid

Saving energy by generating it yourself

The value of the Feed-In Tariffs is greatly enhanced by the savings that you can obtain by generating your own energy instead of buying it.

In addition to the generation tariff of up to 41.3p/kWh, every kWh you now don’t need to buy is worth the retail price of your electricity purchases (typically 12-15p/kWh).

Of course if you can save energy by not using it at all you are even better off, because you then have more surplus energy to feed back to the grid, earning the additional export tariff.

Saving energy by using less

There are lots of easy ways you can actually reduce your energy consumption. Top tips include always turning off appliances, rather than leaving them on standby; turning your thermostat down by one degree or making sure lights are switched off when you’re not in the room.

Here are two good websites you can visit to find out more tips:

  • Act on CO2, for which we are a partner organisation
  • The Energy Saving Trust – the official government agency for energy conservation