Monthly figures

FITs registration statistics on a month-by-month basis

Monthly installed capacity by user typeMonthly registrations

Here are the figures to the end of 2015, broken down between domestic and non-domestic installations. The cumulative capacity is shown below. There are individual pages for solar, wind, hydro and AD or use the menu on the left.

The 2016 dotted line shows the equivalent caps, so actual quarterly deployment should always be lower (i.e. well below historical levels)

December 2011 showed the rush to beat the government’s threatened tariff changes. Since then the monthly figures have been substantially lower, but still show surges before tariff degressions.

Cumulative capacity installed

How up-to-date is the data?

Aaah! Now that is the question. We have stopped updating our figures since 2015 as detailed here.

The data available from Ofgem is all based on the date the installation appears on the FIT register, not the date it is commissioned. There can be substantial delays, though not usually as high as when the scheme started – see here.