Energy sources and systems that will not be eligible for the Feed-In Tariffs

The government proposes to limit or exclude certain renewable heat technologies from the FITs

The following renewable heat sources are excluded for the reasons given by the Government below.

All refurbished and second-hand equipment

(and specifically excluding any equipment that has been supported under the Renewables Obligation – RO)

This criterion was set mainly to prevent people getting round the date cut-off, and because the costs are different. However, the Government also said:

We will keep this issue under review and consider whether or not there are merits to allowing renovated or refurbished technologies to receive FITs support in the future, bearing in mind the different costs and the fact that equipment may have received other financial support through its life.

To help in determining what equipment must be new (and not RO-assisted) for the purposes of this criterion, Ofgem has published this guidance document.

The following renewable electricity technologies

Biomass, landfill gas, waste-to-energy and power from liquid biofuels

Because the government says these are typically used at large scale and are therefore adequately catered for within the Renewable Obligation.

Tidal and wave power, geothermal energy and other ‘innovative technologies’

Tidal mills and locks were included in the definition of ‘hydro’ in the Phase 2B review.

Otherwise, the government says these technologies are not currently widely used so it can’t set a tariff.
We say if they don’t set a tariff they never will be widely used!

Their rationale was:

We consider that as technologies become deployable at scale, the FITs scheme has the potential to develop the market for these technologies further because of the long term support compared to grants, and the higher returns and greater certainty compared to the RO. We are keen therefore to consider new technologies and their eligibility for FITs at scheme reviews.

However, uncertainties over cost and performance make it difficult to set appropriate tariffs. Therefore we intend to consider whether any such technologies should be added as appropriate at the time of regular reviews of the scheme.

Installations made prior to 15th July 2009

… unless they were registered for the Renewables Obligation by 31st March 2010.

See all the details on previously installed systems on our page about installation dates.