The Energy Regulator, Ofgem, is the administrator of the FITs scheme

The scheme administrator is responsible for overseeing the whole scheme and maintaining the register of eligible systems and the tariffs paid to them.

Because the tariffs are paid through all the electricity suppliers, it is necessary to maintain a central register so the details are not affected when people switch suppliers.

The adminstrators therefore also oversee the following processes:

Eligibility criteria

The administrator will use the eligibility criteria to decide if a system can be registered for tariffs.

Tariff registration

There is a set process for registering systems for the Feed-In Tariffs. Ofgem has an online process for handling the registration as described here.

Overseeing the payment process

Each FITs Licensee has its own procedures to handle payment of tariffs.

How the administration will be handled

Ofgem has issued these guidelines on how all the administrative procedures will be managed.

The primary obligations are on the electricity suppliers and are effected through modifications to their licence conditions as shown here.

Administrator’s newsletter

Ofgem publishes a quarterly newsletter on the progress of the Feed-In Tariffs

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