Duration and variations

The tariff levels are index-linked so they will track the retail price index

How long are the tariffs paid for?

The tariffs last 20 years for almost all of the systems, with the exception of solar PV (25 years for systems installed before 1st August 2012) and micro-CHP (10 years). 

Is the tariff fixed for this whole period?

Yes – once you start at a given tariff, it is guaranteed for the full period shown above and is index linked.

How does the index-linking work?

See the details of RPI-related indexation here.

Do the tariff levels ever change?

For those who are already registered, tariffs will only change in accordance with the index-linking described above

For future entrants who are not yet registered, tariff levels can change:

  • Subject to the through ‘degression’, according to the principles here and practice here, and
  • When the scheme is reviewed – originally expected every five years, but has been more frequent in practice.

How long does the scheme last?

The FITs are scheduled to be open to new installations until the end of March 2021. The tariff levels are set out year-on-year until then here, but may well change in the interim.

In theory, therefore, a PV installation registered on that date would receive tariffs until 31st March 2046!