Review 2015

The UK government proposed in 2015 swingeing reductions (and the possible closure) of the FiTs. The eventual outcome was slightly less draconian

17-Dec-15 Government announces changes to FiTs

The changes announced by the government paid scant heed to the 55,000 responses to its earlier consultation.

The main changes to the scheme were:

  • A ‘pause’ from 15th January – 8th February 2016

This means that any projects not registered by 15-Jan-2016 will be caught by the lower tariffs and other rule changes below.

  • Caps on the capacity supported by FiTs

See further details of the quarterly caps here

  • Changes to the tariff levels

Mostly reductions – in some cases over 60% – see the new tariffs here

  • Adjustments to the degression mechanism

Setting out planned degression until 2019 and adding contingent degression if the above capacity caps are reached.

  • Re-introducing pre-accreditation

… which was withdrawn after another consultation in 2015

  • making extensions to existing plants ineligible under FiTs

27-Aug-15 Consultation on review of the Feed-in Tariffs

In addition to the normal aspects expected in each review, this consultation proposes:

  • Swingeing reductions to the tariffs for many technologies
  • The prospective closure of the Scheme from January 2016

The government documents are available here, and consultation closed on 23-Oct-15