Installer registration fees

The fees payable by installers registered on our referral service

This service has not yet started – see here

Payments by suppliers registered for this service will comprise: an annual registration fee, and a charge for each referral, payable monthly. The levels proposed are indicated below, but subject to confirmation before the scheme starts. All fees subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Annual registration fee

The annual registration fee depends on how many addresses your installation teams operate from (because you are likely to get more referrals if you have more locations):

  • Up to three locations: £80/annum
  • Up to seven locations: £160/annum
  • Up to twenty locations: £420/annum
  • Over twenty locations: £800/annum

Referral fee

The fees payable for each customer referral in the period from 1st April to 30th June 2012 are £35.

These will be automatically updated each time tariff levels change and are calculated at 5% of the average annual income per system as further described here. This may look complicated! However it is designed to ensure that the fees track what is happening in the market. For example if the tariffs are reduced in July 2012 as proposed in the Phase 2A consultation, the referral fee will decline to £25.


Registrants are expected to provide a direct debit, so the annual registration and monthly referral fees can be collected most efficiently. Those unable to provide direct debit can maintain a credit balance with us.