Changes to the FITs scheme after its launch

The design of the Feed-In Tariffs can evolve to implement improvements

The FITs scheme design can evolve through two mechanisms:

Changes to the scheme itself

The process has been set up to have periodic reviews, the first one in 2012 (to become effective from April 2013) and then at five-yearly intervals to coincide with reviews to the Renewables Obligation.

The first review of the scheme has now been brought froward by the government in a statement on 7th February 2011 – see here.

This was a surprise after the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review said this wasn’t planned and the Coalition government elected in 2010 seemed to support the FITs scheme.

Operating guidelines

The detailed administration of the scheme includes the publication of guidelines, either by the Government of the administrator. These guidelines can be issued and reviewed to cover emerging details of the operation of the Feed-In Tariffs.