Reviews of the scheme

The government intends to periodically review the FITs scheme to ensure it is working well

The FITs scheme design can evolve through two mechanisms:

Changes to the scheme itself

The Feed-In Tariffs scheme will be reviewed by the government every five years, to coincide with the reviews of the Renewables Obligation.

The first review was due in 2012, with any changes suggested becoming effective in April 2013.

The list of eligible energy sources might also be extended at the five-yearly reviews.

First review

The first review was scheduled to take effect from 2012, as indicated above.

However the government decided to undertake this review early – see here.

Operating guidelines

The detailed administration of the scheme includes the publication of guidelines, either by the Government of the administrator. These guidelines can be issued and reviewed to cover emerging details of the operation of the Feed-In Tariffs.