What to do next

Simple advice on how to start getting the benefits of the Feed-In Tariffs

As the rest of this site shows, the advantages of installing your own renewable energy system and benefitting from the Feed-In Tariffs are numerous.

But many people don’t know how to get started as they’re not familiar with the technologies and not sure what is the best system to install.

Three simple steps:

1.   Select the best renewable energy source for you

There is a quick guide here. Often it’s easy to see what the best options are. If you have more than one option, find a supplier (see below) with expertise in all the viable options.

2.   Find a capable supplier

There are plenty out there.

If the system is sub 50kW (which it will be for most domestic uses), this means that the installer must be MCS certified and the products they use must also be MCS certified as well. All MCS installers also have to be registered with the REAL Code. REAL publishes a useful register of members which you can sort by technology (i.e. what sort of equipment you want) and region (though many claim to be active all over the country). A list of MCS-accredited installers can also be found on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme website.

3.   Get registered for the Feed-In Tariffs

Hopefully this website has given you a good understanding of the Feed-in Tariffs and what you will need to do to be eligible.

Your installer should be able to help you with this process. For smaller systems up to 50kW FITs registration is an easy extension to the MCS certification of your installation.

For larger installations it’s more complex. Your installer should be able to do this for you.