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What has been registered for FITs?

We monitor the numbers, sizes and types of installation registered for Feed-In Tariffs

We analyse the FITs registrations regularly.

Overall figures

The recent figures from the register are summarised in this table.

  Domestic Non-domestic Total
Overall Feed-in Tariff statistics from 1st April 2010 to 31st December 2012
Technology Qty MW Qty MW Qty MW
AD biogas 0 0 37 31.387 37 31.387
Hydro 224 2.609 123 31.612 347 34.221
Solar PV 342,382 1,111.154 11,052 376.592 353,434 1,487.746
Wind 3,069 29.412 1,008 72.406 4,077 101.818
Micro-CHP 420 0.427 3 0.003 423 0.430
Totals 346,095 1,143.602 12,223 512.000 358,318 1,655.602
Source/Copyright Analysis by Feed-in Tariffs Ltd from data on Ofgem's FIT register

It is important to remember that this analysis is based on the date the installations are registered, not when they are installed.

More detailed analysis

We also analyse these figures in more detail by:

See the menu on the left for these analyses.

Source of data

The data is collected by the scheme administrator, Ofgem, who also provide annual and quarterly reports on the progress of the FITs scheme.

The data in this section comes from Ofgem's online reporting function to interrogate the register of accredited installations.

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