Feed In Tariffs

Information on payments for renewable electricity in the UK. Now subject to change

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Response & other reviews

The UK government's consultations changes to substantially curtail the Feed-in Tariffs threatened to put the entire Feed-in Tariffs Scheme at risk.

The two main government consultations in 2015 were:

27-Aug-15 Review of the Feed-in Tariffs

In addition to the normal aspects expected in each review, this consultation proposes:

The government documents are available here, and consultation closed on 23-Oct-15. The outcome is described here.

Partly because of the campaigns described below, the consultation received 55,000 responses.

22-Jul-15 Removal of pre-accreditation

The government proposes to remove the pre-accreditation mechanism from the Feed-in Tariffs. The government documents are here and the consultation closed on 19-Aug-15.

The government announced the result on 9th September, confirming that pre-accreditation was to be ended from 1st October.

Saving the Feed-in Tariffs

Many who (like us) believe the Feed-in Tariffs should be preserved, contacted one of the organisations campaigning to defend them:

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