Feed-In Tariffs

Information on payments for renewable electricity in the UK. Now subject to change

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New Government’s policy

Be reassured, both sides of the new Government have always been firm supporters of the Feed-In Tariffs

Before the election, both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats made positive pledges about the Feed-In Tariffs.

Conservative election policy

Liberal Democrat election policy

Coalition Government policy

So far, the following policy pledges have been made:

(If you want to read the details in full, see pages 16 and 17 on ‘Energy and Climate Change’ and ‘Environment’ on this pdf of The Coalition’s Programme for Government.)

Other aspects of the policy, such as the introduction of a Green Infrastructure Bank and Green Bonds, should also provide helpful stimulus for the sector.

At this stage we await further details, however we feel the following is likely and would encourage the coalition Government to push through: