How to Add Automatic Closed Captions to your Videos

Post by : Sam Allcock on 15.02.2021

The closed captions are a way of displaying the text on the screen. The text can be the same as audio or it can be a foreign language translation. Most of the videos have a CC button that can help you turn on the closed captions. There are many benefits of using closed captioning in the videos.

Importance of closed captions

If you are trying to impress your business partners with the video presentation or want people to learn about something, it is better to use closed captions. It can also improve your SEO for better audience reach. You can find the details about the importance of closed captions here.


According to a survey, when students used closed captions to learn about something in a video. It was easier to grasp the ideas. It was easier to memorize the points in the videos when they used were closed captions. Students who are learning English as a second language can also get benefit from the closed captions. It can be difficult for them to understand the talk of the native speakers. By reading the closed captions, they can understand everything in a better way.

Search engine optimization

Most of the search engines look for written content to rank the web pages. If you have only uploaded the video without closed captions, the search engine will find it hard to categorize your webpage. When you add the closed captions, the search engine can read them with ease. Your webpage can rank better on the first page of the search engine using the closed captions. It can even help you rank on the first page of the search engines. You can generate hundreds of organic page visits by using the closed captions.

Better reach

People with hearing disabilities cannot use a video or presentation to learn anything. People with hearing disabilities use videos with closed captions for entertainment purposes also. When you add closed captions to your videos, people with hearing disabilities will also like your videos. It can increase your outreach to a new level.

Increase watch time

You can increase your watch time by using the closed captions. According to a survey, people who added closed captions to their presentation attracted more focus from the audience. It can also increase your watch time on social media channels.

How to caption videos?

If you want to caption your videos with ease, you can use the artificial intelligence tools online to convert the audio to text with a single click.

Separate audio

If you want to add the closed captions, you cannot do it using the video. You have to separate the audio from the video file. You can do it by using many online mp3 to text tools. You must separate the audio without any background noise.

Upload on

You can upload the audio on by clicking the upload button on the website. You can locate the audio file from your computer and select it to upload.

Use editor

After the transcription, you can click on the word to get the exact sound and time in the audio file. You can edit it if you need to improve the transcription.

Add the closed caption on the video

After editing the text file, you can use it to make the closed captions in the video. It is better than using the generator tools because you will get an accurate transcription.

Right caption format for the video?

There are different types of closed captions. You can use the pop-on, roll-up, and paint-on captions. The pop-on captions are the most commonly used. If you are making videos for entertainment purposes or it is for native speakers, you should use the pop-on captions. When you are making captions for scientific videos or videos that contain complicated language such as audio notes of psychologists, you should use roll-up captions. In roll-up captions, you will get three lines. Once a speaker speaks something, the new line appears at the bottom. There are two lines above it from the voice of the previous speakers. You can use the paint-on captions when making videos for non-native speakers. The words will appear from the left. These words will go towards the right side continuously. You will not see lines appearing on the screen.

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