Accessible Bathroom Ideas That Ensure Style And Luxury

Post by : Elliot Preece on 02.07.2019

There are many people that find the task of accommodating an accessible bathroom that is able to hold a certain sense of style and luxury somewhat trying. While this task may seem difficult to accomplish as the vast majority of accessible bathroom designs focus mainly on optimal function rather than appeal, there are several ways that you can create a design plan to allow wheelchair access and enhance the general visual appeal of the room at the same time. Here are a few top ideas that will ensure your accessible bathroom plan is functional and luxurious.

Opt For Function Fittings That Are Relatively Simple

When you are in the midst of picking out the perfect fittings, you will firstly need to focus on the level of functionality that the bathroom fittings are able to offer. However, it is vital to keep in mind that each fitting should be able to compliment your chosen design plan. As the fittings and fixtures in your bathroom such as a walk-in shower, walk-in bathtub, stability railings, and other such fittings and fixtures should all be chosen with consideration to your decor. 

Opting for silver fittings would compliment a simple and light design plan that encourages minimalism. It is a great idea to shop around at retailers that specifically supply the needed fittings and fixtures, such as AHM Installations. This retailer in specific supplies certain fittings and fixtures that are suitable and poses a certain luxurious charm. 

Take Care In Selecting Tiles

The floor and wall tiles (from Floors To Walls) in the bathroom will serve as the backdrop in your design plan. It is essential that you take care in selecting tiles that will set the desired theme for your bathroom. While your desired results will determine the kind of tiles you need, larger sized tiles are able to enhance the size of a space and make it appear larger. You can compliment your choice of tiles by selecting a charming mosaic that borders the top wall tiles and adds personality to the room. In general, a neutral colour palette is often the desired choice as bold and bright colours would understandably clash with fixtures. 

Subtle Decor Draws Attention

A bathroom may be one of the most tedious places to decorate, especially when taking into account that once you have settled on tiles, fittings, and suitable fixtures, they will be permanently in place. This will leave only the finer details to consider, such as window blinds, choosing towels, and perhaps a few decor items. When choosing these items you should opt for simple designs to avoid a cluttered appearance. Make use of storage shelves to hide away your products to maintain a pleasing visual appeal. Another great option is to consider LED lighting that will reduce energy costs and ensure optimal light. Regular light bulbs tend to provide a yellow glow that can have a negative effect on elegant bathroom designs.

When finalising your accessible bathroom design plan, it is important to keep in mind that less is more. You will need to allow adequate floor space for wheelchair access, and therefore, it is best to opt for a minimalist approach even when adding decor items.

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