Should you buy LED light bulbs?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 22.11.2018

Over the last year the UK has seen new LED lightbulbs come to the market, bringing LED’s energy saving technology together with the traditional look and feel of incandescent bulbs. Vintage style LED bulbs have been around for a few years, but new developments have allowed for flexible filaments in spiral and T-shapes, meaning vintage style LED bulbs can look like Edison style bulbs.

In the past, LED bulbs looked unsightly, with white plastic often covering half of them, so they would look out of place in most homes, unless hidden by lamp shades. These days, as there are much more attractive options out there, the appearance of LEDs is no longer a negative point. It is no longer a reason not to buy LED bulbs.

Why Buy LED Bulbs?

There are two main reasons to buy LED bulbs and they both come down to cost. The ongoing cost of running LED bulbs compared to running incandescent bulbs is much lower. This is due to:

Life Expectancy

LED bulbs are designed to last around 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs. There are two main benefits here, one being that you don’t have to pay out for new bulbs so often, and the second being that you don’t have to spend the time buying and fitting new bulbs so often. It may not be a huge amount of effort, but it’s a benefit (especially if you live in a home with high ceilings.)

Energy Efficiency

LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. This can have a huge impact on your energy bills over time. Buying LED bulbs is an investment and even taking into account the initial cost, you will save money.

Reasons Not to buy LED Bulbs

Now that the appearance of LED bulbs is no longer a reason not to buy them, there really is only one reason not to buy them:

The Price

LED bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs. The technology is still relatively new and they cost more to produce and take longer to make and it is therefore difficult for LEDs to compete on price. However, as previously highlighted, over time these bulbs will save you money, so they are worth the initial investment.

Buy LEDs from a Reputable Source

As the price of LEDs can be seen as a hurdle for many, it may be tempting to look online for cheaper options, imported directly from the Far East. However, there is a flood of LED bulbs on the market which are not properly tested or certified and these could result in poor performance, short life expectancy or in worse cases damage through faulty wiring or light which is hazardous to the eye.

Uncertified LED bulbs can even be found on popular websites like eBay and Amazon with no packaging. This is a problem because with no packaging or writing on the product, there may be nothing to indicate the voltage it’s designed to operate on and no batch numbers to enable the product to be traced to its source.

All electrical products should be properly tested and certified for use in the country that it is being sold to and therefore it is best to buy from companies which are members of professional bodies such as the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) and conform to their standards for product sourcing and testing.

The answer to the initial question: ‘Should you buy LED light bulbs’ is YES, they will save you money over time, but please only buy from a reliable source.

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