Why Large Format Tiles Are Cost-Effective

Post by : Amy Sinden on 14.07.2021

Whenever you are thinking of decorating your house or other spaces, the first element that might hit your thought is tiling. Tiles are among the most important elements for decorating a home, and there are tiles of various types, sizes, colors, textures, and designs so that you can go for the perfect look for your home. Different types of tiles have different types of usage and benefits, the same goes for different designs and sizes too. Especially, if you go for using the large format of tiles at your home, you can have some specific benefits along with cost-efficiency.

What Is Meant by Large Tiles

There are different sizes of tiles, and tiles are manufactured in those sizes to be used in different places. Normally the tile slabs that exceed the average size of 12X12, and cover a larger area with each tile, can be called a large tile. Large tiles are mostly seen in commercial buildings, and they can be of any material, color, and texture. There are some shapes of large tiles that are not so conventional. Large tiles can be used both on walls and floors.

Large-format tiles can offer you a sleek, modern, and clean aesthetic, but they also go really well with traditional decor. They can create a feeling of spaciousness and a smooth look with their minimal number of grout lines. Since they are large in size, the number of individual tiles decreases, so the grout lines decrease in number too. Which can make your space look bigger than it is, and gives your eyes relief from the distraction of too many grout lines. Open spaces look great with large-format tiles.

Cost-Effectiveness of Large Tiles

Large-format tiles can be more cost-effective than average sizes of tiles both in terms of buying and installing. If it takes a fewer number of individual tiles to cover up a certain area, the cost tends to come down. And if you can manage to cut down the cost by going for the larger size of tiles of the same material, color, and design, then you can use the extra money anywhere else, or you can use that to get more expensive tiles.

Moreover, you will need to finish the tiling task properly and efficiently so that no tile gets wasted. It’s better to go for a professional to complete the tiling job for you. And when it comes to installation cost, it will simply cost less with larger tiles, as the tiling professionals will have to spend less than usual time laying tiles that cover up a larger area than the average ones.

Also, laying the smaller ones calls for more intense labor due to all the precise cutting and alignment. The grout work also increases if the tile sizes are small, and ensuring if all the tiles are leveled perfectly also takes way more time. But if you go for large-format tiles, the grout work decreases a lot, as the tile number decreases as a single tile covers up more space, and the overall space gets covered up with fewer individual tiles. And the detail work also decreases as the number of joints decreases too.

And all these can cut the cost of your tiling work significantly. You’ll need less labor work, and less time for the tiling job, so the cost won’t be much. And as said, the buying cost will come down as well. So, going for large-format tiles is really cost-effective.

Other Benefits of Large-Format Tiles

Apart from being cost-effective, using large-format tiles have other perks too. The most important advantage is that you can have a visually appealing and pleasing surface with larger tiles as the number of grout lines decreases. Your space will look bigger and expensive due to that, so using them in a small space can do wonders for that space. If you go for longer rectangular tiles, they will draw the eyes of the people toward the more distant parts of rooms, and that will create an illusion of having more space than a room actually has. Especially in washrooms and small apartments, large-format tiles can do wonders. Larger tiles make a place look less crowded, so it goes great with open floor plans.

Moreover, it is way easier to clean a room with larger tiles than smaller ones. Grouts are known to collect grime, dirt, germs, etc., and as larger tiles feature fewer grout lines in a room, you won’t need to scrub the grouts much. And with fewer grout lines, the whole cleaning process of a room can be completed more efficiently and quickly.

Final Words

Large-format tiles are not only great as cost-effective options, but they also provide great aesthetic looks and an illusion of bigger space. So, these tiles can do wonders for your small space in making it look bigger. Moreover, you can install them easily and in a more cost-effective way too.

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