Why Hire a Sacramento Solar Water Heater Company?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 05.01.2022

Have you recently considered installing a solar water heater? These systems capture the power of the sun and turn it into electricity. They are mainly installed on roofs, but ground-mounted systems are feasible as well, provided homeowners have an unshaded area near their house.

The advantages of equipping your household with such a unit are numerous, including reduced utility bills, a high return on investment, reduced carbon footprint, low maintenance, energy independence, etc.

Nevertheless, the task of installation should be left in the hands of professionals.

If planning to invest in a solar water heater, these are the main reasons for hiring professionals for the installation job.

Reduced utility bills

The primary benefit of hiring a Sacramento solar water heater company to install such a unit is the reduction in utility bills. As soon as you make such an investment, you will start getting the money back like free energy. On average, American households see a decrease of fifty percent of their electricity use, depending on the number of sunny days in the area.

For instance, regions exposed to plenty of sun, such as Arizona, provide homeowners with an even higher reduction in their utility bills. Sacramento residents are also expected to experience a quick return on investment due to a large number of sunny days, 269 to be precise. In a couple of years, solar water heater systems pay for themselves and later allow users to enjoy the long-term benefits. Since solar panels use the energy from the sun, you won’t have to pay money to the power grid for using electricity to heat water. Solar energy is renewable and free of charge, available for use every day. The solar water heater company can provide you with tips to optimize the performance of the unit in cloudy weather in order to be effective in all seasons.

A smart investment

Hiring a company to install a solar water heater on your property is a smart investment. Green technology is increasing in popularity by the minute due to the incredible benefits it provides to users. Making such improvements to your home increases the value of both residential and commercial properties. The return on investment is spectacular as well, as it’s usually tax-free.

There are numerous government tax credits available for solar water heaters. Homeowners are provided with various rebates, tax credits, and other sorts of incentives by local and state governments. Click here for a clear definition of rebates. The aim of such incentives is to reduce the initial cost of these units. The company you hire can provide you with information about local incentives, which you can use to make a smart investment.

Reduced carbon footprint

Another reason why you should hire professionals to install a solar water heater on your property is the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Climate change is in full swing, and carbon emissions are considered the leading contributing factor. Solar water heaters, unlike traditional heaters, have the potential to prevent the release of 5000 lbs. CO2 and twenty lbs. of Sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere.

As already mentioned, these eco-friendly units rely on renewable energy to warm up water in homes. By reducing your carbon footprint, you will also be reducing fossil fuel demand, which contributes to the overall reduction of water and air pollution.

Energy independence

Another reason to hire a solar water heater installation company is to gain energy independence. When using a traditional unit, the opportunity to take a shower lies in the hands of utility providers. An interruption in your electrical or gas service will deprive you of the possibility of enjoying a hot shower.

Such inconvenience isn’t likely when using a solar water heater, as you can enjoy at least warm water all year round. Even if a gas leak or power outage occurs, you won’t be affected by it. Making such an investment is a huge step towards gaining energy independence.

Low maintenance

Solar heater water systems aren’t at all demanding when it comes to maintenance, as they only require occasional cleaning to keep working optimally. These units contain no moving parts, meaning there won’t be a need for frequent repairs. Even if a repair is necessary, solar water heater companies in Sacramento provide repair services and take care of problems in no time.

Moreover, homeowners are recommended to hire these professionals to maintain their units and inspect them regularly. Manufacturers of such systems provide warranties of twenty to twenty-five years, while most systems function even longer.

Professional service

Another reason to hire a company to provide you with a solar water heater is the opportunity to be offered professional service. Experienced technicians in Sacramento typically take only one day to install these systems. Sometimes, it might take a couple of days, depending on the job’s difficulty.

Homeowners don’t have to be concerned about roof damage, as these professionals have experience working on all types of roofs. Even in the case of tile roofs, they use a tile clip and insert it below the tile. Afterward, the panels are attached to the clip without any tile penetration. It’s even possible to install such a unit on existing patio trellis.

The bottom line

This type of smart investment is recommended to every homeowner looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint!

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