When Should You Hire A Professional To Complete House Renovation Work?

Post by : Amy Sinden on 31.10.2022

Renovation work can transform a house. It can bring visions and ideas for a space to life, allowing a homeowner to live in their dream property.

Choosing to renovate a house is common for many homeowners. Reports show that in 2021 homeowners across the UK spent an average of £1,473 on renovation work. Of course, some projects are more costly than others, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations or updating windows and doors. Before starting any work, one thing many will decide is seeing if they need a professional to complete the renovation work or if they can do it themselves.

Keep reading to discover when to hire a professional to complete house renovation work and when you can DIY it.

Confidence In Your Abilities

Starting simple, ask yourself how confident you are in your abilities to complete renovation work yourself. Some tasks might be easier to complete than others. For instance, you might feel more comfortable putting together flatpack furniture than mounting televisions and mirrors to walls in your home.

If you do not feel confident in your abilities, take that as a sign to invest in a professional to complete projects. Look at how MyBuilder allows you to search for handymen in your chosen area. Whether you need handymen in London or Edinburgh, the site will enable you to find a suitable option that could help you to complete any renovation tasks you have. Another option is to ask those you know capable of home renovation tasks to help. You could work out a repayment system for the work they complete.

Fixing Any Electrical Issues

Whilst you might not require the help of an electrician to change a lightbulb, you might require their assistance if you want plug sockets moved or new ones added to your home. Most electrical work will need a professional electrician to come and complete it. This could be fitting outdoor lighting to your home or rewiring rooms when renovating, such as the bathroom or kitchen. An electrician’s work can be done within a day or two, depending on the scale of a project. Understandably, the larger the project, the longer it will take. Additionally, there might be some issues they encounter along the way. When planning the timeline for your renovation work, ensure that these potential delays are factored in.

Above all, it provides peace of mind knowing that the electrics have been properly fitted. It helps to reduce the chances of any electrical fault or issues arising in the future. Some of which could be costly and potentially damaging to your home. Both factors could have easily been avoided by having a professional complete the work.

Installing Or Moving Plumbing

Similar to electrical work, any plumbing work is best left in the hands of a professional. Whilst you might feel confident in your abilities after watching an online tutorial or two, investing in a professional plumber to move or install any new plumbing to your home is worthwhile.

It can help reduce the risk of plumbing issues, such as an unwelcome flood due to faulty plumbing work resulting from a DIY job. Resolving such an issue would cost you more to replace and repair than it might have been to invest in the services of a professional.

If Permits Are Required 

Are you hoping to extend your property? Will the work you want require a permit before work can begin? If unsure, it is best to check beforehand what permits you might need to complete work. This will help to minimise the risk of delays waiting for requests to be approved and the chances of disappointing rejection.

Should the renovation work require a permit, it is worth investing in professional help to complete the work. Aside from experience, professionals will also have the qualifications and paperwork to show they are capable. After completion, they can provide a completion certificate to state that the building work is safe. If you ever decide to move, having this certificate on hand will help sway potential buyers’ decision to put in an offer.

To DIY Or Not To DIY

Of course, completing any renovation work yourself can save you money. You do not need to pay for the services of a professional, nor do you have to wait for a time when they are available to come over and complete the work. Instead, you can save money or invest it into furniture or materials for your home renovations. However, it could also cost more to repair and have work redone if your DIY work has any issues.

When planning what renovation work needs to be completed, decide what could benefit from having a professional complete it and what could be DIY. It will help you plan and determine how much the entire project will cost. Before you know it, the areas of your home you want to renovate will be ready. As such, you can enjoy these newly renovated spaces and potentially begin planning the next project.

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