What is junket tourism — a traveler’s guide

Post by : Sam Allcock on 17.05.2021
Recently, the so-called «junket tours» have begun to gain popularity among the assortment of tourist services. These are entertaining trips with obligatory visits to casinos and other gambling establishments. A distinctive feature of such trips is the fact that they are paid at the expense of the casino, while tourists (players) undertake to play the minimum time (on average from 2 to 5 hours a day) and place bets for a certain amount, which is stipulated in the contract. There is no upper limit, the main thing is the player’s free time and money to play, and of course, the desire to play and excitement. In addition, during such trips, each traveler can continue to play sites not on gamstop uk. Some companies do hybrid tours combining online and offline opportunities.

How junket tours go — an inside look

The gambling club does everything for the comfort of the client — flight, comfortable living conditions, delicious food, and, of course, the opportunity to play. The indicated amount must be exchanged for chips, and bets on them must be made during the entire stay on vacation. Such trips are often spontaneous, and therefore junket operators offer weekend packages. As a rule, it is enough for a person to spend several hours a day at the gaming table to comply with all the conditions. Below is an example of the cost of a standard package of similar offers:
  • contribution to participate in roulette or other table games – from $80;
  • the cost of one batch in any slot – from $1.5;
  • the minimum step in card games is $45.
Many players buy junket tours for live poker tournaments in casinos. The rest is provided according to the inclusive type, and you can concentrate only on the game. However, gambling tours are not only about games and bets. Packages starting at $ 50,000 include additional services. The player does not have to worry about additional costs — the organizer pays for even spa treatments and cultural events. The traveler must pay the first installment (specified in the contract) and then use this amount during the series of entertainment. However, this does not mean that a person should spend every last cent — there is a chance to get a solid win. Such trips can be both individual and group, and if you wish, you can order the services of a personal manager. If luck is on the side of the player, then before leaving you can not only cover the costs but also return from vacation with a solid cash prize. In addition, everyone can additionally try their hand at uk bingo sites not on gamstop.

Duties of junket operators and travel conditions

A feature of this service is the opportunity to visit casinos for citizens of those countries where gambling is prohibited. Macau, a separate administrative region in China with its own autonomy, is a good example. There are many round-the-clock casinos for tourists. Every year during Golden Week in Macau, many gambling enthusiasts from China and around the world meet in the walls of the institutions. As a rule, it is the responsibility of the operator offering the junket tour to provide the most comfortable conditions:
  • hotel;
  • food;
  • transfer to the destination;
  • entertainment and recreation (excursions, meetings, etc.);
  • anonymity (on demand).
The general conditions of the junket tour boil down to the fact that the client exchanges a specific amount of money for chips, which he must bet in different games for the entire period of the contract. The level of service depends on the size of the deposit. Often, the terms and conditions prescribe the time that the client must spend at the casino. The amount of the minimum bets also depends on the size of the deposit. The larger the deposit, the higher the minimum rate. Many operators offer their clients complete privacy, for which they have created separate VIP lounges.

How is the transfer organized?

The tour organizer covers all expenses related to this aspect. Usually, comfortable means of transport are used for this, but it depends on the distance between the client and the casino. If the client is at a distance of several tens of kilometers, the transfer is usually carried out on comfortable buses or cars, up to the fact that the guest will be picked up right from home in a luxury limousine. Luxury train transfers are popular in Japan and the EU. This is because the countries have a well-developed railway network, and there are comfortable carriages that will allow the player to feel surrounded by care and luxury even before entering the gambling house. When traveling long distances, the organizers offer several types of air travel. At the same time, travelers must be delivered to the casino from the airport by car. If the junket tour is organized according to the highest standard, the client can be taken to the gambling house by helicopter. The standard package implies accommodation of players at a gambling establishment or in a hotel closest to the casino. But with an individual order of the tour, any options are possible. At the same time, the tour organizer has engaged in the search and booking of accommodation that the customer needs. And you can choose anything you want: an apartment, a house or even a whole estate. Naturally, all this is reflected in the budget.

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