What is Double Glazing?

Post by : Elliot Preece on 09.02.2019


Double glazing is basically a window which has two windows with a gap in between them. Most households now do have double glazing but is it even worth it? Throughout this page I’ll discuss whether getting double glazing is worth it or not. A little bit like the smart meter debate which is happening just now. You probably get advertisements all the time for double glazing. I know when I get them, I sit and look thinking what’s the point in getting it installed? My windows work fine. Well, let’s discuss whether they do or not and whether double glazing could be your next home improvement task. They are also typically more expensive as you can see in this article covering double glazing window costs.

Regular Windows   

So, the main difference between double-glazed windows and regular windows is of course that double glazed is thicker. Windows have always been a simple necessity to someone’s home. They keep the UV light out yet still give a feel of natural light within the home. With having natural light within the home, it can help with making you and your family feel productive throughout the day. Well, if it’s not a gloomy day that is. Having a regular window can help you feel inspired as well. That’s an amazing feeling to have in the morning when you just wake up and feel the heat on your face from the sun which is beaming down onto your bedroom floor. I mean what’s more inspiring and motivational than that at 6am in the morning trying to get up for work. Just imagine for a minute what your home would actually look like without any windows. It’s a horrible thought, it’s a dull and dreary thought at that. Not one that I would be too thrilled about after just buying a house. So, if your window which you have just now helps you feel all the things, I’ve just mentioned then why change it? I’ll tell you why!

Double Glazed Windows

Alright, all the things I’ve just mentioned about regular glass windows also can be a fact for double glazed windows. Yet there’s still more to double glazed windows, because of the thickness of the windows the noise that you hear outside is reduced so much you end up forgetting that there’s an outside. The thickness between the two glass panels helps with noise. Think about it, it’s a Saturday night and a neighbor up the street is having a house party. If you still had your regular windows you would be able to hear the couple in the garden arguing about who done the dishes that night. But, with your newly installed double-glazed windows all you hear is the Boom Boom Boom of the music blaring instead. Also, that heat that I mentioned earlier from the sun beaming on your bedroom door. Having the double-glazed windows installed changes that scenario because now you don’t have that horrible draft coming in from the bottom of the window, or the side. This is, because of the thickness of the new windows heat gets ‘trapped’ or kept inside the home. So, a lot less heat escapes like it normally would. It’s going to be so helpful for during those cold nights and it takes so long for the house to heat up. 

Companies If you’ve made your decision that you’re going to install some double-glazed windows in your home. The next task is to figure out which company to use to install it. This might take a bit of time. I mean, you need to compare companies. The main suggesting to do would be shop about. There is no harm in calling different people to get quotes on your installation. You want the best price, everyone does. We recommend that you choose Zenith for your new windows..

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