What does the future hold for online slots?

Post by : Sam Allcock on 21.09.2020

Between 1895 and 1996, slots didn’t change too much. Of course, the mechanics changed – electronics became more technologically advanced and the look of the game changed, but the overall way the slots like megareel.com/all-games/slots/7s-to-burn were played remained the same.

So what changed in 1996? 

Slots went online. 

This was a shock to some who had thought the slots industry was going to remain exactly the same as ever. Some managed to move with the times, and others were incapable of dealing with the changes and were unable to keep up. 

Change is always part of the future, and slots are no different. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that things moved on. Just as it shouldn’t come as a surprise that things will move on again. Slots are going to change, there is no doubt about it; so what does the future hold for online slots? 


Originally, there was just one payline, right across the middle of the reels. Over time, this expanded, and with more reels there were more paylines. Today, the Megaways slots have over 117,000 different ways to win. 

So what of the future? How will paylines change in the coming years? Given the extraordinary success of the Megaways slots, the biggest change is likely to be that slots with few paylines are going to disappear to make way for those with many because, since they offer more possibility of winning, they are always going to be more popular. Who knows how many paylines we might end up with, but the race is on to beat the 117,000 plus that Megaways already have. 

More Variation

There is always a lot of choice when it comes to playing slots, and the future is going to give us all a lot more choice. With more and more pop culture being represented in slot games, it would be a surprise if new slot games weren’t developed to tag onto new ideas in cinema, music, and so on. 

More choice might not necessarily be a good thing; it can feel overwhelming and confusing for some people. It can put them off playing altogether. So there will need to be a good balance, especially when attention spans are low and time is short; spending too much time trying to decide what game to play will really impact everything else. 

Ways To Pay

One of the biggest changes there is going to be when it comes to online slots is how you can pay for them. In the past, you could use debit or credit cards. Then platforms such as Paypal came along, and credit cards were no longer allowed. 

The future is going to offer some changes, and cryptocurrencies might well become much more popular. Some online casinos are already offering people the choice to pay in bitcoin or another type of online currency, and as the trend continues more and more sites are going to need to follow suit. In fact, it won’t just be online casinos; cryptocurrency may be in use everywhere before too long.

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