Using Green Suppliers to Better Your Green Lifestyle

Post by : Emily Bennet on 13.05.2019

Now that the UK has become the first parliament in the world to acknowledge that we’re in a climate change emergency, there has never been a better time for us all to change our lifestyles to be greener. Otherwise we may find ourselves facing irreversible destruction to our planet – not just for our children or grandchildren’s lifespans – but in our own lifespans too. 

One way we can improve our lifestyles is by actively looking at our household suppliers to see if there’s a greener option in your area. Whether that is through adding solar panels to our homes or avoiding suppliers who actively use fracking to source their gas, here are some of the options we have in regards to greener suppliers:

Water Supplier 

In most homes, drinking water is used for all your appliances, even the ones where it’s not needed. For a greener home, some water suppliers in the UK are now offering green water. This water can be used for the likes of flushing toilets and for watering your garden. Some green water can even be used in your washing machine. Although this green water cannot be used as drinking water or for washing your dishes, you will still be helping the environment by using this green water where you can.

Sourced from the likes of groundwater, rainwater and stormwater, your green water will be supplied to your home via a separate water pipe and offers a host of benefits for the environment. This includes a reduction of water being removed from rivers and diversifying the water sources we currently use for households. Even better, by implementing green water, household water bills should be reduced as well. 

Gas Provider 

When it comes to gas suppliers, there are a few ways for these companies to offer greener sources for their energy. For instance, some suppliers are now avoiding the controversial method of fracking to source their gas. Fracking involves drilling deep into natural areas, a method that is thought to increase the chances of earthquakes and can also lead to oil spills. 

Some greener energy suppliers are now looking to generate natural gas using innovative renewable processes. One of these methods utilises anaerobic digesters, where natural gas is produced when animal waste and plant matter is broken down. 

Not everywhere in the UK has access to a green gas supplier, however, it is hoped that by 2050 at least 10 million homes could have green gas supplied to them

Renewable Energy Sources 

Since both green water and gas are not available to everyone in the UK at the moment, if you still want to improve your green lifestyle, you should look at renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or a small wind turbine. Adding solar panels to your home might feel like an expensive investment. In actuality, these panels are cheaper in the long run as you might benefit from Feed-in Tariffs, where the Government will pay you for the amount of energy you produce. 

Feed-in Tariffs aren’t the only benefit of solar panels. They also allow your home to become more energy self-sufficient. This is all while helping to improve the planet! 

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