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Post by : Sam Allcock on 28.05.2021

Sometimes, besides your favorite pastime like playing online casinos not registered with gamstop or going to the movies, people want to have even more fun and new impressions, and there’s nothing better than a trip to another country. For example, such as England.

Travel to England

England. Land of lords and pudding. The land of Sherlock and the Beatles. The land of cricket and Beckham. A country worth coming to at least once and for at least a month.

It is a surprisingly green country. The rain, of course, is a frequent phenomenon and against the background of warm sunny days they actively dominate. But it is the rain that the country owes its nature. Throughout the year, the greenery just changes the saturation, but continues to grow and delight the eye.

When you use the word “picturesque” often, as, in fact, any other word, its beauty and power of perception are a little dulled. In spite of this, it is the definition that first comes to mind when you visit England. The colors, the shapes, the scale-it’s like everything is a little hypertrophied. You only have to see it in person.

Great Britain itself is small and it takes a couple of hours to get from London to the English Channel coast. This is great because it is really easy to explore all the delights of this country, if you have about 800 pounds in your pocket, you also have to visit this country because it is the birthplace of Elizabeth II!

It is hard to find a country with a richer history and preserved cultural traditions than Great Britain. It is like a breath of fresh air in the modern world!

A trip to England will especially appeal to people who appreciate the beauty around us! Its inimitable natural and urban landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Britain is a country with a rich culture! In this place you can enjoy an inexpressible experience of visiting museums, libraries, cultural centers.

The best whiskey is found exactly in England. This is the birthplace of this world famous drink, and it is incredibly good here!

Great Britain gives the opportunity to discover the true homeland of the most popular language today – English.

In England you can enjoy the original tea ceremonies.

Despite the ancient culture, modern entertainment here – also a lot.

A trip to England is an opportunity to touch the legend in person!

What can I see and do in England?

  • Long summer days for creativity

The days in England are surprisingly long in summer. It gets dark really late, and that gives you more hours in the day for good deeds. When the good deeds are done, I invariably return to “butter.”

  • Shakespeare

If in addition to playing or lying on the couch you care about the sometimes strange, but certainly have a subtle sense of the works of Shakespeare – is worth a visit, not only at London’s famous Globe Theater, where his plays were staged, but also in the town of Stratford, where he was born. There is also a theater named after him. By the way, the entire town is “organized” around his genius.

  • Stonehenge

Stonehenge might be a good reason to visit England. One must be careful, though, for it has been said: lest one be disappointed in his hero, one should never meet him. The judgment may be applicable in this context as well, for after many rumors and stories, expectations risk exceeding the essence and value of the place.

  • Urban Foxes

A surprising phenomenon, as for the urban average citizen: urban foxes. They – quite like street cats – run along the sidewalks. But close to themselves, of course, they do not allow. But all the same – it’s quite unusual to see, at times, a dozen of them during the day.

  • Brighton

Brighton, located on the coast of Sussex, became a beach resort in the mid-19th century. Thanks to the proximity of London, the resort quickly began to gain popularity. Along the coastline were lined with many Victorian houses, many of which today are hotel rooms and holiday apartments. Tourists love to stroll along the famous Palace Pier and admire the traditional English gardens, of which there are many in Brighton. The city is quite lively at night, with nightclubs and many restaurants.

  • St. Ives

St. Ives, a former fishing village on the coast, is still Cornwall’s only port in the south-east. Today, this picturesque town (population nearly 12,000) has become a popular weekend resort and was named Britain’s Best Coastal Town twice, in 2010 and 2011. Grab your comfortable shoes and hit the hilly, narrow cobbled streets with historic houses, boutiques and art galleries.

  • Bath

The city was named by the Romans who founded it in 60 AD and built the Roman Baths on hot underground springs. The peak of the balneological resort’s popularity came in Georgian times, when the rich Englishmen from all over the country started to come here. But Bath is not just famous for its healing springs, it’s also a stunning example of Georgian architecture. Nowadays it regularly hosts various cultural events and theatrical performances, there are a lot of bars and restaurants. Bath can be a great base for a trip to Stonehenge.

  • Jurassic Coast

Antiquities hunters won’t want to miss the Jurassic Coast, a seaside stretch in southern England stretching from Bournemouth to Exmouth. The coastal cliffs were formed 185 million years ago, when continents collided with each other and then began to diverge. The Jurassic Coast has quite a few museums dedicated to one region or another. The village of Charmouth and the surrounding area is the best place to find fossils. Antiquities hunters and regular tourists alike walk the shore and stop by the small, charming villages. Be careful when walking close to the cliffs-sometimes rocks fall off the tops.

  • Oxford

Oxford dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period of English history. It was originally called Oxenaforda (literally: the place where bulls cross the river). Today this city is known mainly for the fact that it is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Oxford University was founded back in the 12th century. The southeastern English city, located in the county of Oxfordshire, can also be interesting for the ruins of Norman castles and the Cathedral of Christ Church. Because students come from all over the world, you can find people of all nationalities in Oxford.

  • Cambridge

Cambridge is a historic city located about eighty kilometers (or fifty miles) north of London. It is known worldwide for Cambridge University, one of the best universities in the world. The institution was founded in 1209. University students make up about 20% of the city’s total population of 123,000. After visiting the university, many tourists take a boat trip down the River Cam, go to the Fitzwilliam Museum, where a huge collection of antiques is on display, or walk across the Mathematical Bridge, which many people compare to the bridges of Venice and the comparison is often not in favor of the latter.

London, of course, also deserves its own attention, but you can see the best of it on your own if you take a trip to such an amazing country.


There is no better place in the world to travel than such a multifaceted country as England. Here everyone can find something interesting for themselves, learn new things, enjoy local delicacies and have a nice rest while admiring the boundless scenery. England is waiting for every tourist to share its greatness and diversity with everyone, welcome!

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