Top Land-Based Casinos in the UK to Visit When Traveling

Post by : Sam Allcock on 19.04.2021

When you travel anywhere to have fun for a couple of days or weeks, you should always have spare money for all your unexpected expenses, but also to visit land-based casinos. Especially in case you are planning to visit the UK.

The UK is a gorgeous place to live in and also to visit. You can see it from pictures online, and you can see it for yourself when you travel there. The natural landscape is rich and intriguing, and you will want to explore it. However, you will also want to meet new people and go to places where you can have plenty of fun. Casinos offer that and much more.

Even if you do not commonly go to casinos to gamble, visiting casinos when you travel to another country can enrich your overall experience. Because of that, here you will find out which are the best land-based casinos you can visit in the UK. You can take note of them and set a travel route that lets you explore as many of them as possible.

Les Croupiers Casino

This magnificent casino is in Cardiff, Wales’ capital city. City’s people call it “The Croups,” so if you can’t figure out exactly how to get to the casino, you can ask people, “how do I get to The Croups?”. This casino features all games you can think of and also has a sports bar where you can replenish after some good rounds of playing games. If you feel hungry, there is also an in-house Chinese restaurant that serves clients.

Rainbow Casino

This casino finds itself in Birmingham, England. Like other casinos you will visit, this one offers you a whole variety of games – punto blanco, blackjack, roulette, slots, etc. You feel glamour and sophistication all around when you walk through the casino’s doors, and that is what makes it stand out.

Genting Club

Manchester is a stunning city, and because of that, it receives hundreds of tourists every year. If you are going to the UK, you probably already marked Manchester on your to-do list. Well, then you use this chance to visit the Genting Club in Portland Street. It is one of the most fantastic casinos in the UK. Although there are plenty of casinos in the city, Genting Club is worth your attention.

Aspers Casino

You will be visiting London as one of the top-priority things on your list. That is, in case you never went to the UK. Anyway, if your trip includes London, you should consider including a visit to the Aspers Casino too. It is the biggest and best casino you can go to in the country. It is a super-casino because it is gigantic, and it is the first one of the type built in the UK, back in 2011. The casino receives a lively crowd, making for a sense of adventure and excitement while you play the most fun games. The slot game area features allslot games you can imagine, so that should pack all the fun you can find.

Hippodrome Casino

Hippodrome Casino is one of the UK’s largest land-based casinos. It is one more perfect stop in your journey through London’s streets if you are looking for fun during your trip. Before you enter it, you can see it’s fabulous as its front is breathtaking. Besides playing casino games, you can also relax in the music and cabaret rooms, drink on the six bars, and grab delicious food.

Grosvenor Casino Hull

If East Yorkshire is on your plans, then you should include a visit to Grosvenor Casino Hull on them. It is not an enormous casino like those in London or Manchester, but you will be able to experience a different atmosphere in a casino located in a smaller city.

The Westbury Casino Club

If you’ve had enough of England and Wales and are heading to Ireland, there are some casinos in the country you can explore too. Most of them are located in Dublin and are not as large as the ones you find in London, but The Westbury Casino Club shall supply all your needs and fulfill your expectations. It is a relatively large casino that allows you to play cards, slots, pool, and of course, the casino will not let you spend your time without drinks and food.

Genting Club Fontainpark

Scotland has its number of land-based casinos as well. If you plan to visit Edinburgh and think playing on slots or gambling on cards will be fun, you can stop by the Genting Club. It is a mid-size casino, the largest in the country’s capital. It isn’t colossal as those large casinos in England but offers a truly satisfying experience for all players.


If any of those casinos interest you, talk to your trip agent to elaborate a route allowing you to see all the places you like. If you want to acquire profound knowledge about online casinos, you can visit Bonus Casino Island and read their reviews.

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