Top 7 Reasons Commercial Offices Should Go For Solar Lights

Post by : Amy Sinden on 05.05.2022

Global Warming and Climate Change are posing a significant and alarming threat to the planet.

Amidst the ambiance of Pandemonium and hurling allegations…humanity is engaged in searching for the right energy source that tackles the present adversity.

Solar energy is touted as the probable solution to the imminent energy crisis that awaits humanity.

Business organizations are considering leveraging solar energy to tackle surmounting overhead costs of electricity.

In this article, we are going to discuss how solar lights work, putting light on the potentialities that incite commercial organizations to exploit the energy. 

Facts And Stats On Solar Energy 

According to Statista, the Uk is among the notable Solar photovoltaic markets in the world. 

  • The British Government provides Feed-in Tariffs for the majority of Solar Installations across the Country.
  • This benefit of the Government resulted in a 52-fold increase in the number of Solar PVs. 
  • According to 2020 records, around 1,048,328 solar photovoltaic cells were installed in the United Kingdom. 
  • England accounts for the largest Solar energy production capacity with 11387 megawatts (2018).
  • The cumulative installed capacity of solar photovoltaics in the UK increased from a mere 95 megawatts in 2010 to 13563 megawatts by 2020. 
  • A Small average enterprise consumes around 15000 to 25000 kWh electricity. A medium-sized business, on the other hand, a medium-sized business consumes around 25000 to 50000 kWh of electricity. 

The facts and stats vindicate the UK’s commitment to working on clean and green energy, especially solar energy. So you could understand why there are lots of opportunities for Commercial offices. 

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Solar is imminent tomorrow. It is going to be the next new normal in the days to come. And that gets vindicated through the aforementioned data. So we need to cultivate awareness regarding the use of Solar lights. 

The solar street lights that are installed in different areas are responsible for absorbing solar energy.

Sunlight converts when negatively charged electrons drive the solar energy into spaces positively charged in the cells.

This process results in transforming electrons into current energy. During the nighttime, solar cells stop the conversion process as the sun disappears. As a result, the Current positive energy illuminates the lights at night. 

Why Do Commercial Offices Need To Go For Solar Lights?

There are ample reasons why businesses need to push themselves towards solar energy. According to many studies, solar energy is proving to be highly beneficial in increasing profits. 

So let’s discuss the reasons why Commercial Offices must go for Solar lights.

1. Affordability

Businesses in respect of their size are facing rising energy costs. Rising energy costs and electricity bills have really gone on to become a headache for businessmen.

If they shift their business to solar, the initial cost will hurt them, but later on, they reap the benefits of the electricity that is procured in abundance. In addition, the charges will be far less than paying monthly electricity bills. 

According to the EnergySage report, an average businessman monthly bears around $1950 before solar energy conversion.

When they installed solar energy, the costs dropped to approximately $500! This accounts for a mammoth 75% reduction. Now you understand the difference! 

2. Environment Friendly

Solar energy is one of the cheapest, cleanest and safest forms of electricity that can be produced. Moreover, during the preparation of sun energy into electrical energy, no harmful carbon emission takes place.

So the solar lights produce safe energy. You need to understand that Global Warming is really taking a heavy toll on the environment and results in the earth’s heating up.

When fossil fuels are used to convert energy, it produces harmful greenhouse gases. When you use Solar energy, they require 80% to 90% less land and water. In addition, studies reveal the fact that solar energy can reduce acid rain! Thus it is environmentally friendly. 

3. Storing Energy According To Your Needs 

One of the top benefits that the Commercial Offices can use is the storage of electricity and using it according to needs.

When lesser energy and power are required, the consumption could be adjusted. And when more energy is required, the energy consumption could be adjusted accordingly.

You know how much energy you are producing to control your spending. 

4. Increase Property Value 

It is observed that property powered by solar energy is valued much more than traditional houses.

When you install Solar in your commercial space, this will impart knowledge and awareness to the stakeholders regarding the use of clean and renewable energy. 

5. Low Maintenance Charge 

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance charge of solar systems is not at all too expensive.

We don’t know that the maintenance change of traditional electricity plants is way more. But, compared to the others, this is quite less.

Therefore be assured that Commercials won’t have to spend much on the maintenance of solar systems installed on the terrace and other spaces in the vicinity.

Moreover, Solar PV Cells easily last more than a decade. You don’t even have to lubricate the energy storage systems.

6. And The Government Benefits

The governments in the UK and other countries have their own clean energy policy. Driven by the responsibility and commitment, they provide different financial benefits to the companies and households that spend on solar energy.

The Government reduces the setup cost, license cost, and even general Taxation…that’s right!

7. Encouragement And Positive Feelings Among The Employees 

Several studies showed employees feel good and positive about their company. So, by going on the path of Solar, you will be able to radiate a positive feeling among the employees.

8. Environment Sustainability And Responsibility

There has been a massive awareness regarding environmental sustainability. People would want to buy goods and services from business organizations that are environmentally responsible enough.

So shifting to renewables definitely reflects your concern towards the larger facts like Glacier mentoring, unnatural forest fire, and other calamities and exigencies.

This is a positive feeling for sure. And you could even spend the saved money on employee welfare. 


Therefore, it is understood that Commercial companies need to push themselves in such a manner that they go for Solar lights. Therefore, going solar must be one of the key determiners of  Company policies. 

Such has to be the Responsibility.  

Even the Government policies must also walk hand in hand to motivate people to spend more on Solar lights.

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