Top 5 Softwares for Electrical Project Management

Post by : Sam Allcock on 01.09.2020

Electrical project managers have the most taxing but profitable job in the market. It is an excellent investment that is predicted to generate large sums of revenue but at a cost. This business demands extreme monitoring and a careful assessment of details.

Delegating projects to the crew, managing supplies, and creating effective schedules are just some of the hectic tasks that come under the wing of an electrical project manager and if not executed responsibly can lead to bankruptcy.

Thus here we have a comprehensive guide listing top softwares that will not only simplify work but have it skyrocket to a definitive success.

1.     WorkForce:

This digital era innovation is a top-tier software inclusive to all business managers especially electrical. With a simple interface along with in-app assistance and tutorial videos, it is extremely easy to work with.

WorkForce is a game-changer owing to its unique, visual tools it balances creativity and productivity equally well. Reduce wasted time and crunch up productivity by utilising the Drag-&-Drop scheduling feature to effortlessly assign tasks to available crew members while simultaneously checking their live locations using the GPS Tracking tool.

This software has shifted paperwork and documentations to easily accessible PDFs that not only keep track of job assignments but also work progress. Communication is ace through this app as field workers and office staff can collaborate without any issues.

Scheduling, invoicing, quoting has been simplified considerably as you can complete them on-the-go.This app is the optimum choice for all entrepreneurs.

2.     Stack:

This easy and interactive software promises a quick turnaround to jumpstart your electrical business. Boasting a wide array of tools, it is a premium app designed specifically to satiate your needs.

Innovative features such as Auto-count which promptly calculates symbol plans and can aid you in identifying different electrical components. It can also accurately measure linearly along with area. Its easy accessibility allows you to be in control of all your projects, tasks and assign them quickly.

3.     Synchroteam:

An all-in-one software customised with a wealth of interactive features that are updated exponentially to integrate more elements that are both innovative and boosts productivity.

Synchroteam offers interactive scheduling and assists you in creating daily, detailed planners for you and your crew. You can even switch to an overview by opting for a monthly schedule in order to plan ahead or see progress. The assistive schedule software even analyses new work and suggests a suitable time slot by keeping in mind factors such as skills and travel distance.

Using this software, you can also filter jobs and assign them easily to available crew members.

4.     TurboBid:

This estimating software is a dream for contracting companies in the electrical management department. Using unique tools such as simplified Wizard Formats it breaks down all calculations into easy steps and makes it easier for you to understand.

Predictive Sales option also allows you to foresee which jobs will have a quick turnaround and will be profitable while the cloud-based technology saves all this information to your database.

TurboBid also creates Bid Packages for customers that not only gives off a professional font but also persuades customers to put their trust in your work. It is handy, functional and the top choice for most electrical managers.

5.     Active Takeoff:

This software boasts an elegant interface along with quality estimates that simplify your work by a good standard. Not only does it provide accurate estimates but even supports a variety of document formats.

Go paperless with Active Takeoff’s innovative technology that can easily access scanned documents, images, plans and PDFs of all kinds! You can even use their effective Pitch Converter to easily measure valleys, ridges and other spaces. Calculate are, square footage and volumes in mere seconds!

This software is the safest option if you want to reduce costs, increase productivity and boost sales.


All these software area are top-quality apps that have a large collection of tools and will definitely help you in jumpstarting your electrical business.

Simplify your life and work and choose one of these softwares to assist you in your endeavours!

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